Everything Came to a Grinding Halt

A simple game of tug-o-war set off my latest adventure…putting my shoulder back together again.

In August, after playing a raucous round of tug-o-war with my dog Lola for the umpteenth time, I was getting a bit bored. With my left hand still firmly grasping Lola’s tug toy, I picked up my phone with my right hand and started to text. In an effort to show me that I should be playing, not texting, Lola suddenly jumped backward and shook her head side to side. The motion pulled my arm out of its socket, detaching cartilage and tendons in the process. After months powering through the pain, I gave in and had surgery in early November.

tugowarloserDuring my forced downtime, my creative juices have percolated and I’m looking to start of 2017 with a strong brew of adventures to share.

Happy New Year!  Where is 2017 going to take you?


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