About Adventure Finds Me

nataliesaigonoperaAdventure Finds Me was conceived while I was stranded by a flash flood in the middle of the Sahara Desert.  That’s right, a flash flood in a part of the world that goes years without measurable rain.

In those hours, wondering how it came to pass that I happened to experience this rare moment, I thought back to something a friend had once said:  “The best vacation would be to follow you around on your vacations.  Some unplanned adventure always seems to happen.  It’d be way better than anything that we could plan on our own.”

With the sun rapidly falling and a crowd of local desert dwellers gathering rapidly, I pulled my shawl tight around my shoulders and smiled.   My friend was right;  Adventure Finds Me.

At AdventureFindsMe, you won’t find stories about cruises or top ten lists.  What you will find is travel writing filled with adventure, culture, and connection.  You’ll also find curated recipes from my travels, allowing you to travel along with your taste buds and get a taste of the adventure.

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5 thoughts on “About Adventure Finds Me”

  1. No longer caught up in the day to day business world, you seem to have found your creative juices. Good for you.
    Uncle Paul

    1. Thanks, Paul! I had attempted to do this when I was in the business world but those 70 hour work weeks killed my creativity.

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