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Hairspray, My Momma Told Me Not to Use It!

The first time I laid eyes on the Donger, he was walking across a luggage carousel at a small airport set in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle.

With brooding eyes and a strong posture, he could make you break out into a sweat if he held your gaze a bit too long.  The Donger was in charge of the place and he knew it.  No one could board a plane without his inspection and approval. Continue reading Hairspray, My Momma Told Me Not to Use It!

A Letter To My Readers

Less than a month ago, when I started sharing my travel adventures, I never expected my blog to have any readers outside of my friends and family.

Instead, I’ve had over 600 unique visitors from 17 countries.  Wow.

Hello to all of my readers but especially those in:  Australia, Brazil, Slovakia, Italy, Malaysia, Peru, India,Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Belgium, U.K., the Dominican Republic, and Croatia.  If you feel like it, I’d love to hear from you via email, Facebook, or right here in the comments.

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed what they have read and have taken the time to share it with others.

This kind of response makes me want to keep on going.  I have many stories that I’ve started to write but haven’t quite finished.  For the past two weeks, my life has been consumed by inclement weather, responding to multiple blizzards and prepping for the next one.

I’ve just planned what is sure to be the most epic adventure of my life.  Let me just say that any posts I make in October will be filled with beautiful photos and heart-pounding adventures.

I’ve also been uploading photos to my Instagram page (  I find that this is the perfect forum for photos that I don’t necessarily have a use for on this site.  If you are an Instagrammer, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you to all of my friends and family for encouraging me to start this and to everyone for tuning in.

As a teaser for my next post, expect me to all Laura Croft, Tomb Raider.



Ooo Wee Ooo, I’m Gonna Die Like Buddy Holly

The pilot announced that the larger of the two bush planes was overweight.  A week of Alaska’s famous salmon fishing meant that hundreds of pounds of flash-frozen filets were responsible for the tip of the scales.  Two people would need to ride back to Anchorage in the smaller plane.

My father volunteers both me and my husband and we eagerly agree.  The flight into Iguigig had been striking.  Flying low through the Lake Clark Pass, glaciers loomed above us.  Waterfalls cut their path down the steep mountain walls into striking turquoise waters below.   I imagined re-experiencing that beauty in a romantic private plane setting, with the pilot pointing out sights as I canoodled with my husband.

We wave good-bye to my father and the other passengers as their plane takes off.  I didn’t think anything of the light rain and breeze that had been increasing all morning. Continue reading Ooo Wee Ooo, I’m Gonna Die Like Buddy Holly