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Back to Africa

I realize that there is so little that I’ve shared about my 18 day photographic safari to Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Accompanied by my husband and my father, the adventures we had exceeded all expectations and were often beyond any comprehensible dream and worst nightmare.  This trip proved that adventure really does find me.

When turning in for the evening after one especially adventurous day, my husband summed up the trip perfectly by exclaiming:

“I almost died twice today!  It was awesome!”

Stay tuned for the stories.  After all, he almost died…twice…and it was pretty awesome.

The Khobz Men of Marrakech

As the sun sets over Marrakech, assorted sizes of khobz (Moroccan bread) are speedily pulled out of fiery ovens and placed under blankets.  Old men whisk them away on wooden hand carts.   Continue reading The Khobz Men of Marrakech